Knowing your true self is THE most important attribute a person can possess. If you truly know yourself, you know what is right for you and not rely on what others think is right for you.  Decision making is much easier and you are empowered to live your life your way.

Finding your true self can be quite an intense experience although ultimately freeing. You will uncover truths about yourself that you may find difficult to admit. Self -doubt and limiting beliefs may lead to a lack of confidence and belief in your own abilities.

When you really know yourself well, setting and achieving goals will lead you towards your true purpose so you can live your life confidently and authentically.

So how can you discover the true you ?

  • Know what your values are : Values drive our thoughts, feelings and actions. Understanding your values helps you prioritise what is important for you and what you will and won’t compromise on. Values are the foundation of your true self that define who you are and they help define the choices that you make in life.
  • Know yourself : Down your qualities and thoughts you have of yourself as you are now including limiting beliefs. Where did these limiting beliefs arise from ? What evidence is there that they are true ?
  • Who paddles your canoe ? Are the expectations you have of yourself from yourself or anyone else ? If others expectations of you do not align with your values then you will be at odds with what you are doing or achieving in your life. If you have expectations of yourself you will be able to align your goals with your values authentically.
  • Who surrounds you ?Are you surrounded people that drag you down, belittle your ideas and don’t respect you as their equal ? It is proven that you will start believing this as your reality if you surround yourself with such people. Find those that uplift and motivate you and encourage you to be the real you. Having a close circle of those that are your strongest cheerleaders will nurture self confidence.