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Chloe (London)

Sharmaine had an intuitive way of getting to the heart of what I really wanted to change in my life. She helped me to set my own goals that were clear and achievable but which still took me gently out of my comfort zone. Coaching with Sharmaine has given me the confidence to stretch myself and be in control of the things I want to change and take responsibility to live the life I really want. It has been life-changing impact for me and as a result for the rest of my family too. Thank you !

Peter (France)

I came to Sharmaine when I was at a real crossroads in my life.  She helped me discover what my true values were so that I could make informed choices that were authentic to me.  As a result of her wonderful coaching I have changed careers and now work remotely in France and live in my dream chateau.  I can’t thank her enough !

Julia (London)

Sharmaine’s energy, warmth and integrity is an inspiration. She has helped me achieve a much better work life balance.  Thanks to her coaching I’m more positive and proactive about the choices I make.  Amazing !

Karen (Hertfordshire)

After being diagnosed with breast cancer I felt adrift and wanted to make some major life changes. Sharmaine’s coaching helped me to see things clearly and helped me to set goals that were right for me. She was motivational, inspiring and has made a massive impact on my wellbeing. I now look forward to a future filled with all the things that are right for me. Thank you so much !

Amanda (Birmingam)

Sharmaine is a fabulous coach encouraging, motivating  and helping me to think outside the box for ideas that would help move me towards achieving my goals. I felt completely understood and not judged. She has a remarkable ability to cut through the fluff in an empathetic way to get to the core of what exactly it was I needed to help move forward in my life.

Jo (London)

Weekly sessions with Sharmaine allowed me to remain focussed, motivated and committed to carry through the actions agreed in the sessions. Her questioning techniques made me come up with solutions to the obstacles I thought I would face. Sharmaine’s manner is warm and positive yet professional, she is insightful and her ability to listen makes her all the more easy to talk to.  She has been an outstanding coach.

Sarah (Peterborough)

Sharmaine helped me refocus what was important to me, she helped me focus on what I did want rather than what I didn’t want and to take positive action towards achieving it. Sharmaine gave me the tools I needed to break down my goals into small steps.  Her professional approach on challenging my negative self beliefs and her questioning skills empowered me to unjumble my thoughts and to focus on clearer thoughts which then lead to clear achievable goals. I cannot thank her enough for walking with me on my journey to a better life.

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